How long does alcohol withdrawal last ?

alcohol detox period
alcohol detox period

how long does alcohol withdrawal last? Does it take too much time to alcohol detox and withdrawal symptoms disappear?

The answer is no it does not take very long to complete alcohol detox . for many people alcohol detox might take as little as one week to complete, that time period varies according to the individual and the seriousness addiction.

in case of mild or severe alcoholism , alcohol detox withdrawal symptoms typically begin within 8 to 12 hours since last drink , reports of the National Institute of Health says . symptoms will increase for the next two to three days untill peaking and then will gradually disappear.

 According to NIH data it will take about 5 to 10 days for all symptoms of alcohol withdrawal to come to an end , but certain symptoms, like difficulty sleeping, exhaustion and mood swings, might last for up to one year.