Alcohol Detox at home process Timeline

The period that body needs for acute detox is the period which our body takes to recovers from physical dependence on alcohol, it takes an average of 3 to 7 days NIH say Alcohol detox might takes 5 to 10 days. Symptoms severity in acute detox depends on the patient condition and the severity of his addiction, but, certain symptoms are common to most patients. so here is a simple Alcohol Detox process Timeline that will explain withdrawal symptoms

 6 to 12 Hrs After Starting Alcohol Detox process 

Alcohol detox experience will begin with mild symptoms approximately 6 to 12 hours after the alcohol leaves their body. withdrawal symptoms in this period will include a general feeling of agitation and anxiety. patient might be unable to sleep , unable to eat, and might feel sick to his stomach. Alcoholic person may have a headache and feel shaky or unstable. Generally, will also feel a strong craving for alcohol during this time.

 12 to 24 Hrs After Starting Alcohol Detox 

During this period, mild symptoms continue to persist, and additional severe symptoms will start including hallucinations, begin for most patients.this means that Patients may hear things that are not there, see things that are not there and feel things that are not there.

 24 to 48 Hrs After Starting Alcohol Detox 

Within the period of  24 to 48 hours after starting Alcohol Detox process, some patients will start to experience seizures or convulsions. The mild and persistent symptoms continue, but most of the acute hallucinations that began after the first 12 hours begin to fade.

 48 to 72 Hrs After Starting Alcohol Detox 

After 48 of detox visual hallucinations may begin again. patients may become delirious, experience hypertension and develop a fever. These symptoms reach their height five days after detox begins. Usually after seven days, the withdrawal process is complete and the period of acute detox process ends