Should we see a doctor Before Alcohol detox at home ?

Should we see a doctor Before Alcohol detox at home ?

Should we see a doctor Before Alcohol detox at home ?

this is how most of us will think …"I'll do alcohol detox at home , But if things get too serious, I'll head to ER and get the medical help i need . "

Actually this plan can work well for some people but other people must consider that things can slide downward fast and you might be at risk .Visiting doctor clinic before alcohol detoxing has very good reasons to be considered :-

1- Prevention is better than cure

You cannot guarantee that you will be able to Request for assistance in due course Though you may think you could just head to the ER if needed, withdrawal symptoms can roll down from moderate to life threatening quickly and without warning, alcohol withdrawal can kill you, so it’s worth taking seriously.

2- Gauging the severity of the symptoms

In the clinic they use CIWA-Ar test which is a common alcohol withdrawal screening test that used to gauge the severity of the symptoms and give you right answers about your ability to detox from alcohol at home 
this is a very important step to keep you safe . See CIWA-Ar test paper

3- More safe and less painful Alcohol Detox 

If you get medical management from the start, Doctors might write some medications that could stop withdrawal symptoms from spiraling out of control, this will make things easier and less painful or severe .
There is no doubt that you can self detox more safely at home, after spending a few hours getting medicated in a clinic or under a medical supervision by doctor . doctors also will give you the right plan to detox at home.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can develop fast , patients can go from moderate unrest to life-threatening symptoms within a few hours, It’s very important that anyone having a risk of serious complications start out alcohol detox under medical observation, and receiving medications which are able to stop serious symptoms before they begin to show up .


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