CIWA-Ar scale : Alcohol withdrawal severity test

 Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment - Alcohol (CIWA-A) and a shortened version, the CIWA-A revised (CIWA-Ar) are the best known and most extensively studied scales that measures Alcohol withdrawal severity.

From 30 signs and symptoms, the scale has been carefully refined to a list of 10 signs and symptoms :
Scores of less than 8 to 10 indicate minimal to mild withdrawal.
Scores of 8 to 15 indicate moderate withdrawal (marked autonomic arousal);
Scores of 15 or more indicate severe withdrawal (impending delirium tremens).

 The assessment requires 2 minutes to perform (Sullivan, et al, 1989).
CIWA-Ar categories

CIWA-Ar categories, with the range of scores in each category, are as follows:
Agitation (0-7)
Anxiety (0-7)
Auditory disturbances (0-7)
Clouding of Sensorium (0-4)
Headache (0-7)
Nausea/Vomiting (0-7)
Paroxysmal Sweats (0-7)
Tactile disturbances (0-7)
Tremor (0-7)
Visual disturbances (0-7)